How do you meet with couples? 

We can meet in person, skype, talk on the phone, whatever is convenient for you. I generally schedule during the week because I'm usually shooting on the weekends. For in-person meetings it's usually a bookstore or cafe that’s convenient for everyone. 

What if someone else is interested in our date? 

I let everyone know when more than one couple is interested in the same date. The first couple gets priority consideration, however, the only way to officially secure the date is with a deposit.  

When is the balance due? Do you have a payment plan?

The balance is broken into two equal payments. There is an initial retainer of 50%  to hold the date and the final balance is due on or before the day of the wedding. If you book far enough in advance we can break the payments up a bit. 

What if we cancel? Can we get our deposit back?

If cancellation is more than 4 months before the wedding date you get a full refund! If cancellation is less than 4 months before the wedding date you will receive a prorated refund based on the date of cancellation.

Groom before the ceremony


Will you be photographing my wedding? 

I photograph every wedding along with a second photographer. The second photographer’s role is to photograph from a different perspective, to cover simultaneous events in two different locations and serve as a back up photographer for the day.  

How many images will you take of my wedding or event? 

We take thousands of images at each wedding and event. Most images are duplicates of the same moment so we may choose the best few. Depending on the number of hours of coverage you will receive approximately 100 final images for each hour of coverage.  

How long do you need for the portrait session at the wedding? 

A typical wedding portrait session requires at least one hour to complete in one location.  If you wish to have more creative images or travel to multiple locations then I recommend doing a "first look" and photographing portraits before the ceremony.  Including extended family and friends outside of parents and the wedding party will also require additional time. 

Do you charge overtime if the reception or event runs late? 

No overtime charges will be incurred if the reception goes over by up to 20 minutes. Should this occur, you will be informed as overtime nears. If the coverage exceeds 20 minutes an hourly charge will apply.  

What do you and your photographers wear to the wedding or event?

All photographers wear business attire unless there is a special request based on religious necessity or party theme. This usually includes dress slacks, button down shirt or knit top and dress shoes.   

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes! All photographers carry full backup for their entire kit including camera bodies, lenses, flashes, memory cards and lots of batteries.  

Do you mind if guests take photos?

Guests are welcome to take photos as long as they are respectful and do not interfere with the wedding or disrupt our work.

Annapolis engagement session


Will you be photographing my portrait? 


How many images will you take at my session? 

I take hundreds of images during your portraits session. On average you will receive 50-100 final images.

How long do you need for the portrait session? 

All portrait sessions take one hour to complete. There is an additional charge if you would like an extended session or to travel to more than one location.

Where does the portrait session take place? 

Your portrait session may take place in the location of your choice within the photographer's service area.

Do you mind if a friend or family member takes photographs while you work?

I do not allow others to photograph during portrait sessions.   

Online Viewing

How long before I can view my images online?

I post a sneak peek of 10-20 images within a few days of your wedding or session. Portrait galleries are available for viewing within 2 weeks. Because of the high volume of images, wedding galleries are available 4 weeks after your wedding date. Upon completion, you will receive an e-mail with a link to view your event.   

How long will the images be online?

Your images will be online and available for download for 10 years after the gallery is posted.

Bride before the ceremony

DIGital Negatives

How will I receive my digital negatives?

Your final images will be delivered to you via your online gallery. You may download high resolution files directly from the gallery in one batch or individually. Only clients have access to this feature. All guests have viewing privileges only. 

What type of images are in the gallery?

The gallery contains high resolution JPEG images that may be printed as large as 16X20.


How do I choose the images I want for my album? How will you know what I have chosen?

I can choose the images for you to get you started or you can select favorites in the online gallery.

What if I want more images than the recommended amount for my album?

Depending on the amount we will try to design them into your existing album however more pages may need to be purchased.

How long before I can review the pages for my digital album? How will I view them?

Once the images are chosen the album will be designed in 3 weeks.  The pages will then be posted online and an e-mail will be sent containing a link, user name and password for viewing and approval.

What if I don’t like something about the pages?

You can make as many changes as you need to the design. 

When will I receive my completed album?

Once the pages have been approved the completed album will be ready for shipment in 4 weeks.