Just One Shot: Surprise First Dance At Turf Valley

Crazy first dance

So, I go over the schedule in detail a week or two before the wedding. We've probably talked a bunch of times already, I have a copy of the schedule, a portrait list, but sometimes things change or people forget an event. It's a lot to remember and I like to make sure I have all the correct information. Sometimes, even after going over everything, asking a ton of questions and talking about every aspect of the day I am surprised by something that happens.  This was one of those moments. 

The couple was announced into the reception and immediately took their place on the dance floor for the first dance. Cool, this is expected, it's on my schedule. It was a slow song, they were swaying back and forth. I was behind a table shooting through a floral arrangement trying to stay out of the videographer's way. Then, all of a sudden a fast song starts playing, the bride and groom grab props and begin a very animated choreographed dance of which I knew nothing. I dodge chairs and tables in a rush to get through the crowded room and do a baseball slide right onto the dance floor in front of them clicking my shutter all the way. I am not going to miss this.  It was super fun, completely unexpected and I'm glad I reacted so quickly.